80 Proof - 750ml

Born on the Playa, Black Rock Rum is intensely flavored from Black Strap Molasses and enhanced by wine barrel aging.  A classic Navy style dark rum.    




90 Proof - 750ml

Argentum gin is a collaborative project with the Great Basin Brewing Company.  An actual SINGLE MALT gin, Argentum is richly flavored with Juniper, hops, and citrus.  




Old Commissary

100 Proof - 750ml

An authentic recreation of Nevada's first legal whiskey, Old Commissary is a fiery spirit distilled from 100 percent barley.  Pleasantly sweet with a subtle anisette finish.  



BARREL Proof Moonshine

125 Proof - 750ml

Barrel Proof Moonshine is a classic Bourbon White Dog distilled from Corn, Wheat, and Malted Barley.  This white whiskey is grain forward and smooth with a lingering malty finish.